Your Door to the Chinese Market

We Package Confidence

Wynalda International is your door to the Chinese market. From our offices in Hong Kong, we secure Chinese-manufactured products for American companies and then ship them back into the USA., brokering for nearly any product an American company would like to bring to the U.S. We can pack them there, or bulk ship them and package them here for the consumer market.

Companies in a wide variety of industries have chosen Wynalda International to help them navigate the Chinese market. We’re ready to earn your confidence, too.

Shoppers made a direct correlation between the quality of the packaging and the quality of the product.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales
Package design does influence consumers’ perception of both the product and brand, which ultimately, impacts their purchasing behavior.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales
When consumers are unable to try a product prior to purchase, the visual appearance of the package becomes the key decision making factor about the aesthetic value delivered by the product inside.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales